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Big boy toys

I've mulled over what to get my husband for birthdays. I just have to keep my ears open for the whole year and remember or write down things that he says he would like to have. One of those things that is so totally impractical (and I'm a practical gift giver) is toys. Most guys like remote controlled toys, like airplanes, cars, helicopters, etc. I don't know how much they cost... Also, gokart riding is another winner with my husband. Tools is another one. I eventually want to get my husband another bike since his favorite one was stolen about 2 days after we moved to Minnesota. We just can't afford that one yet. What is his favorite sport? A new baseball glove, racketball racket, golf?? Guys are so much less complicated than girls. My experience is that they are easily pleased with "fun" stuff.

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Cassi said...

Good ideas! Boys do like fun things... unfortunately the fun things they like are usually the expensive fun things like electronics! haha. Brian has an Wii, DS, and an iPod so it's easy to get games, accessories or iTunes for those.
Brian's fav sport is soccer so one year I got him a soccer ball and planned a surprise soccer game with a bunch of guys in the ward. It was a lot of fun.
Shalee, I don't know if Jeremy likes to play baseball or just watch it but there is a baseball diamond at the park by us! That might be fun!!