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My lie?

I am sorry it has taken me so long- my computer has been down but here I am:
1. I am missing a kidney.
2. I have never been out of the United States.
3. I play the French Horn
4. I was suspended for 3 days in Middle School
5. I went to BYU when I was 8.


Cassi said...

That stinks about your computer! We'll just count this for next week with whoever Shelly tags! :)

I hope you're not missing a kidney! And I wonder if you mean you "attended" BYU when you were 8 or you just "visited". Haha that could be a trick one! :)
So I'm going to go with the French Horn as the lie.

Rachel said...

Never been out of the US.

Anna said...

i don't think you are missing a kidney

David and Shelly said...


Chalece said...

Never been out of the United States

Bridget said...


Jill said...

United States

Shalee said...

I'm saying that you've never left the USA. It's fun to learn more about you!