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I have to make dinner, again?

Now that we are getting nicer weather I have loved being at the park in the afternoons...and so have my kids!! It's fun to ask the other moms..."what are you making tonight?" By the time we get in from the out there's not much time to whip anything extravagant together. So here is a list of dinners that are a cinch to make...hence there are no real recipes attached...just good old easy ideas. I think sometimes it takes me longer to think of what to make than to actually make it. Here's some ideas with things people could have on hand, who spent too long at the park and need to whip something together quickly.

Idea #1--"The Pizza spin-off" English muffins topped with your favorite pizza toppers and baked until the cheese oozes.

Idea #2--"Cheesadillas" Fry a tortilla in a buttered pan with cheese and lunch ham inside (yes, we speak spanish in our house occasionally but for some reason quesadilla just sounds more fun when we call it a cheesadilla with a spanish accent.)

Idea #3--"The mac 'n cheese spin off" Cook some pasta, drain it, add some butter and some Parmesan cheese (NO! NOT THE GREEN CAN OF YUCK...I'm talking real Parmesan cheese grated) while it's still hot.

hmmm...what did everyone eat for dinner tonight?


Cassi said...

Haha... is the real parmesan cheese really that much better? I've never bought it fresh but I always have the green can of yuck on hand! :)
This is a great post! We have quick meals like this most nights so it's always great to have more ideas!!
Some that we do are grilled cheese or peanut butter and honey sandwiches, french bread pizza (same idea as the english muffins except on french bread), salsa chicken (ok this isn't a last minute meal but if you want something super easy then earlier in the day just put some chicken in your crock pot and cover it with salsa and cook on high for about 3-4 hours or low for 4-6! It will be ready for you when you come in from outside!), and we do quesadillas (or cheesadillas) too, I put cheese and whatever else we have (chicken, chilis, etc) in the tortillas, fold them in half, put all the quesadillas in a baking pan, pour green chili stokes sauce over them and bake at 350 for about 20 min! I'll have to try your way... I've never had it with ham before!!
Thanks for the ideas Shalee!

Bridget said...

Shalee, we tried "cheesadillas" the other day and Rachel LOVED them. For some reason the ham evidently made it a ton better. She was so excited that this was something that Kara's mom makes. You have great ideas!