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EASY Burritos

This is the BEST 5 min meal you'll ever make! :) My sister got this recipe and passed it along to me! She doesn't like to cook and I'm always looking for fast and easy meals so this made us both happy! And you would NEVER know you're eating microwavable burritos! We even made it for our family reunion last week and everyone was asking for the recipe because it's so good. It was a little embarrassing to admit how easy it was though! :)

EASY Burritos:
Frozen burritos or chimichangas
2-3 cans El Pato Sauce (this is a "hot tomato sauce" usually in the isle with canned green chilies and salsa)
Grated Cheese

Use as many burritos as you want, we used the Jose Ole steak and cheese burritos and the bean and beef chimichangas, both were good, but anything works. Lay them out in a baking dish, pour the El Pato sauce over to cover them. This is spicy so leave it off for the kids portion! Then cover with grated cheese. Bake on 350 for about 20 min.
We took them out of the freezer and had them mostly defrosted before we put them in the oven. So it might take a little longer if you cook them frozen. Just cook until they are warmed through and the cheese is melted! Enjoy!!


Bridget said...

That totally sounds like my kind of meal! I'll definitely give it a try soon!

The Mortensens said...

Great idea!! Sorry I've been such a blog slacker, you know how crazy things have been! I'll try to be better at posting.