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Baby Food?

Wow, I am a bad blogger, but things have been REALLY crazy around my house and here is one reason why:
My 9 month baby girl decided 2 weeks ago today that she was done nursing. She decided one evening that she wanted juice from a sippy cup- and while I pumped for a few days, she will not nurse and now, since she will eat formula and with 4 teeth coming in- I am DONE!. Before stopping she wouldn't take a sippy, now she will (so I guess it is a good thing). But now, she wants to eat big people food. I have been buying baby food but it is EXPENSIVE! So, I have 2 questions for you: 1. If you make your own baby food, what do you do? Besides just mashing bannanas or peaches?
AND 2. My baby only wants to eat sweet food, mostly fruits so how do I get her to eat her veggies? Any help would be most appreciated!


Letti said...

I never bought baby food unless we were traveling but I always used a baby food grinder. It was not the electric one. I loved that thing and I still keep it around for guests. It also saved me from having to make different things for baby. I would just grind up whatever we were having for dinner. Then they got used to the flavor of the things we were eating too.

Cassi said...

I bought all my baby food so I can't help much with question 1 but for 2 I would try mixing it in with something she does like. Will she eat rice cereal? I had to mix the veggies in with cereal sometimes to make them eat it. And if they could still taste it then I would try and trick them by giving them a couple bites of something they like and then every couple bites giving them a bite of a veggie of the same color (like peaches and then carrots). They might try and spit out the veggies but then hurry and give them another bite of the fruit. Does that make sense? Good luck! You could also try baking the veggies into bread, that usually makes them taste sweeter. My now 1 yr old would only eat sweet potatoes and fruit when he was on baby food, and I asked the dr if that was ok and she said as long as he was still nursing or drinking some formula then he should be getting the vitamins he needs. Sounds like she's stil drinking formula right!?

Christine Archibald said...

Ian did the same thing around the same time! I tried making my own baby food (sweet potatoes, carrots, etc) but he wouldn't eat the home made stuff at all! So I just bought it. He wouldn't drink formula either so I kept pumping as long as I could and mixed it in with his cereal and other food to give him the nutrients. I tried mixing fruits with veggies and I also tried the sneak in a bite of veggies every few bites. Ian caught on to that really fast! I gave him the vitamin drops just to be sure he was getting everything he needed. Keep introducing new things, you will find something she will eat. Good luck, I know this can be so frustrating!!!

Bridget said...

That is so hard when they won't eat easily! With our first I was a little more organized and made most of her food by just baking the veggies on a cookie sheet (usually at 350 for an hour) and then using a blender with a little water because we didn't have a grinder. She would usually like most of it (especially the sweet potatoes). Then, since it would usually make more than she could eat for it to last in the fride, I would just freeze portions in old baby food jars or I've had friends who do it in icecube trays and then put it in ziploc bags to store in the freezer. Good luck and I hope that it gets easier!

Anna said...

I bought baby food for a little while with my first but it is expensive and my girls hated it, unless it was fruit or veggies, so I bought a baby food grinder (babies r us) and just started grinding up whatever we ate. Thankfully my girls have always enjoyed veggies, so I don't really have any advice on that.

Janalee said...

I have a pressure cooker that I used to cook veggies and meats. I cooked them sightly longer than the reccomended time so that they were more tender and mushy. I found that my second daughter LOVED the veggies because they were such strong flavors, but my older daughter hated anything with a lumpy texture. So I gave her lots of cereals (cheerios, and Kix mostly) until she was old enough to know how to chew bigger foods. Good luck! Both my girls stopped nursing before I was ready to wean them, but they at least waited till 10 and 11 months (each a month after they started walking)
I also used "Kidco Babysteps Food Mill" with my second kid. We would take it with us every where we went (out to eat, friends houses, family dinners) and we always had food to give her. Mine came in a carrying case so I'd just put it in the case dirty then throw it all in the dishwasher when we got home.