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Keeping the Spirit Alive

Lately I have been feeling like I'm not doing enough to bring the spirit into my life and into my home. I would like to know what you do that helps you to help keep the spirit in your homes. Also, do you have any tips on how to be a better scripture reader? I know we can all be better with that, surely. But how do you keep yourself going? I feel like I've read 1 Nephi a million times but the rest doesn't get done because, well, life happens. I would like to have it as more of a priority, for sure. But some simple tips would be great!

I'd just like to say that I feel so priveleged to be part of this blog. You are all such wonderful women and I am grateful to you all for your wonderful examples!


Shalee said...

Great question! I'm always looking for good ideas to increase spirituality in my life. I know that the spirit is always stronger when my I keep my home cleaner. When it gets messy we all get cranky. I'm not good at remembering but when we play church music on Sundays I always feel the spirit stronger too.

As far as scripture reading, I'm just currently reading it and highlighting my favorite verses in each chapter and then writing down the one I chose as my favorite. Maybe that sounds silly but it has helped me look closely at what verses really touch me the most at this point in my life. Other ideas that I haven't necessarily tried are...reading the scriptures along with the church manual, reading it fast like a novel, keeping a scripture journal, reading it aloud to your children, listening to it online read to you, not reading it in order from beginning to end but choosing a chapter here and there, or lastly reading it based on a topic (for example choose prayer one day and read different scriptures that deal with prayer.) I think I'm going to read it topically next.

I'm excited to hear more ideas!

Bridget said...

I love this question to and love hearing everyone's ideas! I think I've said it before, but for me the most important part to scripture study is having a set time. If I don't do this, then I'm always cramming a chapter in at night and since I'm exhausted then I usually don't get much out of it. I really try to read before the kids wake up. I hate sacrificing sleep, but it really makes the day go tons better for me.

Other than that, I've tried Kara's idea about having a gospel art picture on the fridge each day and telling the story. It has been so fun and Rachel is getting really into the stories! We also love the primary cds that are just the instruments. They're beautiful and simple songs and when we play them it really seems so much more peaceful in our home. I can't wait to hear more ideas!

Janalee said...

Try reading the BOM backwards. Book by book. Also, I always stop in the middle of second Nephi, so instead I begin at Mormon. I try to get back to complete the circle when I'm finished. Also, if you don't have primary callings make sure to study the next sunday school lesson. It sure helps the teacher as well when you have things to share during class.

As for inviting the spirit more into your lives, I would suggest a FHE when you ask the other family members to share ideas so that it isn't all on your shoulders to make sure the spirit can dwell in your home. My little nephew suggested to his mom that they have a "Whisper" day when every one talks in whispers including the TV. She said it really helped to calm the home atmosphere.

Cassi said...

This is a good question. We definitely need help here too!
I think the church music definitely helps us on Sundays! And keeping the TV off! Sometimes it's hard, especially with church so early, we have a long day of nothing to do. So sometimes we let the kids watch the animated Book of Mormon videos or Veggie Tales. Something with a scripture message.

As for the scriptures I'm not sure there's much I can add to the ideas already mentioned! My seminary teacher told us if we even just read one verse at least we're still reading every night. So I guess that kind of helps keep me going. If I feel like there's no way I'll be able to stay awake to read a whole chapter, if I just read one verse at least I'm still doing something. And it keeps you in the habit of opening your scriptures every night. Although you also have to not let yourself get in the habit of only reading one verse every night! :)

The Mortensens said...

The one thing that has consistently helped me read and get "something" out of my scripture reading is a little pad of paper. I have a little (it fits in my small quad scripture case) notepad that I keep with my scriptures. When I read my scriptures... usually before I crash in bed... I try to write SOMETHING. Anything. If I only read one verse I write something that came to my mind reading it, even if it doesn't seem to have much to do with what I read. This helps me because I seem to remember something when I write it down. So, just write a little something.... I think I've even written things like "I think Sariah was very patient!" That isn't an earth shattering declaration, but I remember it, and then I remember WHY she had to be patient, etc.