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General Conference Activities

We had a question suggested to us for this week's tricks of the trade post. It comes from our reader/commenter Janalee!! Thanks Janalee for the questions!! When are you going to join us so you can ask them yourself?? :) We definitely appreciate all your input!!
Here is her question regarding General Conference:
"I grew up with conference bingo and quiet craft activities to keep us quiet while we watched conference on TV, but I have no idea how my parents kept me and my older brother quiet when we were toddlers. So what are all you moms planning to do with your kids while you watch/listen to conference this week?"


Bridget said...

What a great question! And, I definitely need some help in this department too. This session I'm making the cute Apostle Cards that they have at Sugardoodle. They have pictures and then info about all the Apostles. I'm going to do two sets to have a memory game for my little girl because she likes that kind of thing (just with the pictures) and I think that her Dad will love the facts about the apostles too. Also, we're certainly not the most reverent, but we do lots of art during the session. Drawing, watercolors, and playdoh are some of our favorite activites. I've tried the bingo before, but my kids are still too little to get it yet.

Shalee said...

Great question. I wish I had answers. We do lots of fun snacks...marshmellows, fruit snacks, raisins, etc. to keep them occupied. My daughter will sit and color but my son will be running all through the house. I think it's good to go into it with low expectations (am I a bad mom?) I know I can't expect a 3 year old and an 18 month old to get through 8 hours of the same routine (and not much parental attention) when it is hard for a 29 year old to stay focused the whole time. My kids can barely sit through sacrament meeting! We do plan a big getaway inbetween sessions so they get outside and play. (It's still 75 degrees here..ha ha!)

All I have to say is THANK HEAVENS for the internet and repeat versions and the conference edition of the Ensign.

The Mortensens said...

I'm making my toddler a surprise bag. I went to the dollar spot at Target and the dollar section at the craft store and found some great things. I found a little color book with tiny colored pencils, cheap snacks, and little toys. Since he's never seen any of this before, I'm sure it will entertain him for a little while?! I'm hoping! Other than that, I'm going to add some fun snacks and we plan on doing things like Bridget said, play dough, paint, etc. I found a cute page on Sugardoodle where you can match ties to all the apostles. You color what their tie looked like. I thought it was cute, I'm not sure my 2 1/2 year old will get it, but I think it will be fun! :)

Rachael said...

Our family is using an idea from this months Friend this General Conference. We are talking about King Benjamin this week in scripture study in preparation for Conference. I am going to go out and buy an inexpensive kid tent and have them "pitch their tent" towards the Prophet aka: the TV and relate it to the story of the tower of Benjamin. I am going to fill the tent with lots of goodies, coloring pages of the Prophet and 12 Apostles and games from I just thought it would be something fun for them while we are trying to watch. We will see how long they last in there!

The Paynes said...

I make a big breakfast and have it ready just before the session starts. Then, we turn up the tv and eat. It helps keep the kids still for the first little bit. Then my hsuband and I just set the example by sitting and taking notes. They can play quietly in the next room or color or read or watch with us, but they can't bother us while it's on. During songs we get the wiggles out. Snacks are a must, and for Sat, between sessions, we do something fun and active, soccer at the park... Don't expect them to watch it all or any of it. We don't want them to get a bad opinion of conference, so we try to make it fun. We do make them watch the prophet speak and we translate for them into something they can easily understand, "the prophet says we need to pray all the time...", otherwise, it's all Dutch to them!

Shalee said...

I LOVE the tent idea! We actually got a kid's tent for our wedding...I'm pretty sure the people thought they were just getting a great deal on a full-size tent. We are totally going to copy and set up our tent! Thanks for the idea!