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Party Time

2 of my kids have birthdays coming up. In the past I've only thrown one big party for my son when he turned 3. Now he's turning 5 and my daughter is turning 3. I want to have a party for both of them since it's our last year here but I'm a little overwhelmed. It's already getting cold so I need to find somewhere indoors to have the party. Then there's trying to decide how many kids to invite and what games to play, party favors, cakes, the list goes on and on!
I've obviously been thinking a lot about this lately so I thought my question this week would be about parties. First, what are your thoughts on kids parties? How often should you throw a party for your child... every year, every other year, just on big birthdays? How many kids should be invited? All the kids they see at church or just close friends? What about when they get into school and start making friends there? It's so hard not to leave someone out without making the party too big! And if you have a small place where can you have a party without spending a ton of money to do it somewhere special? I know you can do it places like Chuck E. Cheese, but I wanted to have our own themed party not just a pizza party. So what are your party ideas and if you've had parties before what's worked for you?


Bridget said...

You know just how our only kid party has gone - because you and Shalee saved our lives last year during our craziness! This is a great question, because I need an answer too! It's fun to have parties, but it does seem a little excessive to have one every year and it's hard not to offend people. So, I hope that someone has some great answers, because I certainly don't!

The Paynes said...

I think every year is too much for family and friends, especially if you have a lot of them. If everyone has little kids, it gets really annoying to have a party to go to every weekend. Obviously, the first birthday is the best, with mostly just family, cause they are not really fun for kids to attend. I then like to do every other year, and on the odd year, do something fun just with us and maybe the grandparents. Last year we went camping and a couple years before, Yuck E Cheese. ANything they really love. That stuff gets expensive if you invite a lot of friends. At home birthdays are great. You can make your own food, hamburgers and hot dogs are pretty cheap. We have three kids that have birthdays just one day apart so I did a combo birthday, but let each child have their own theme and decorated table and cake. Lots of work, but I only have to do it once every couple years. YOu can make your own cakes by doing an easy one and throwing a theme toy on top. Kids love it. And pinatas are always a big hit. You can make your own invitations or go really easy and use an email version like and keep track of who's going and who's not. I love throwning parties, so it's no big thing for me, but keep it pretty simple, kids get bored easy, and do all the prep work ahead of time. Also, if you want it to be a family party or a drop-your-kids-off kind, specify. I was once surprised with 3 extra kids to take care of during a family style party and babysitting was not what I needed to be doing as the host. Good luck!

Christine Archibald said...

I have been thinking a lot about this question. I grew up having a party every year until I just wanted to do something special with a few close friends instead. I think parties are really fun and important for the kids. Especially if the kid is a quiet shy type like I was. It is good for them to be the center of attention every once and awhile. Parties don't have to be huge or elaborate just centered on the birthday girl or boy. Inviting just a few friends over to play and eat cake is enough for awhile. My bro has a winter birthday and he had a few ice skating parties and a few matinee movie parties to keep it in doors. I always liked the make a craft or decorate your own mini cake parties. Or make your own pizza parties. Definitely don't feel like you have to invite everyone your kid knows and you definitely don't have to have "the party of the year" every year! Good luck with the parties!