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Twirly Skirts

I don't know if any of you sew, but this is the new CRAZE in my ward! I definitely don't sew, but some friends helped me make a couple and it was EASY!!! I got 1 yard of the main fabric and 1/2 yard of the accent fabric. That was enogh to make 2 skirts so I had fabric left over to trade with the women I was making them with. I wound up with 6 different skirts for not much $. I decided to make just a couple that would fit Ella now and make most of them bigger. They really are so cute when the kid can walk is able to twirl.

I will be posting a picture on my blog of Ella wearing one hers as soon as I get a chance! =)


Cassi said...

Can't wait to see Ella in one! Those are fun skirts! Mayli would love one!

Bridget said...

Those are adorable, I'd love to see Ella in one too!

Chalece said...

I love this skirt! do you think I could make one in my size???