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Baby Names

We aren't finding out what this baby is, which is fun, but we can't seem to come up with any good boy names. This could be in part because there are roughly 30 grandsons on his side and the names are a bit thin on the ground.

I mean if you really think about it... that's 60 names you can't use. (His brothers get really touchy about it)

So I've been through the books, and gone to the websites and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. Honestly I shouldn't since it's my fourth baby, but there it is.

So what are some of your favorite boy names?


Mama Nut said...

We named our sons, Samuel and Nephi... not too creative. But we also liked Henry and Joseph. Thomas, Joshua, Gordon, Michael and Adam are classics.

Good Luck!

Leigh said...

If we have a boy, he will be William (my father's middle name) not too popular but a great name

cannwin said...

Thomas is one that has come up before... and I kind of like Samuel.

William is a family name in our's too. Problem is it's a very popular family name and we've already got at an uncle and nephew named that.

It's really hard to come up with things in such a hugely male dominated gene pool. :)

Janalee said...

My dad was one in 12 kids, so needless to say, I have a TON of cousins!!! But I also have a ton of aunts and uncles that like the same names (most are family names) so I have three cousins named Benjamin, two Jonathans and a John, and two Joshuas. With a wide age difference between these cousins there was hardly any confusion. Most of the confusion occurred between dad and son. If there is a name you like that has already been used, so what? With that many cousins it's more important that you use a name you like.

Funny story:
My Sis in law named her son Dallin. As a baby we called him Dally, so when we named our daughter Kallyn it didn't really dawn on us that their names rhymed. But then that side of the family started calling them the Dally and Kally cuties. Then we named our next daughter Allison not realizing that the most popular nickname is Ally. So the first three grandkids were Dally, Kally, and Ally! Thankfully it is a tradition that stopped there!

Our name theme for our girls is that they each have 2 L's in their first name : Kallyn, Allison, and Brielle. We didn't mean to with the first 2, but then when we found out we were having another girl I wanted something to tie them all together, and this year is my husbands second year in Law School - which the students are commonly referred to as 2L's so "Brielle" fit (and it is such a beautiful name!).

Best wishes for your new little one!

Mama Nut said...

James and Matthew are great too!

Tyler and Ericka said...

I love talking about baby names! But I do have to confess I am not really into the really traditional names, don't get me wrong it's not that I like weird names (my sons name is Porter)but I like to think of names that aren't too common. Either way I still love talking about them so keeping in mind that I'm not good at traditional these are the ones I thought of: Nicholas, Johnston, Xavier, Maxwell, Stuart, James, Kingston, Harrison, Bradley, Edward, Tristan, Julian, Russell and Nathan. I probably deviated a bit from the regal sounding but those are traditional names (well kinda!) that I thought of when I read your post.

Bridget said...

We are in the market for girl names too, if anyone has good suggestions there! If we were having a boy we would have named him Eric Desmond (Desmond is for my dad), but we also like the names Adam and Samuel. Good luck it's always tough to get it just right!

cannwin said...

ooh, good suggestions! Ericka, all my kids have unusual middle names. Boston, Freeborn and Yance. So that's kind of one we're working on too.

Our little girl name we have picked out is Rebecca Meav (Mayv) and we really like that.

I love girl names. My favorites are Victoria (my daughters name), Rebecca, Isabelle, Gabrielle, Jacqueline, and of course, Elizabeth. My husband gets pretty picky with the girl names though. He doesn't like Isabelle at all and Gabrielle is practically off limits because it can be changed to a boys name. *sigh*

Comprising on baby names, there should be a marriage retreat just for that.

Cassi said...

I would love to hear some girl names too (not because I'm pregnant, but it's always fun hearing names!)
I like unique and modern names but not too unique, and actually after we named all our children it seems we start hearing the name everywhere. But I'm still happy with our choices!

Here are some of my favorites:

boy- Parker (my son), Jaden (also my son), Riley, Ryder, Ryker, Shane, Brekin, Brayden, Tate, Jensen, Jace, Connor, Kaleb, Tate, and McKay.

girl- Mayli (my daughter), Kaylee, Taya (like Tea Leoni), Amberly, Gracelyn, Alli, Emma, Sadie, Sydnie... I also love the name Bella but would never name my daughter it because I wouldn't want people thinking I named her after Twilight... maybe when our kids have kids it can be used again!

Bridget said...

Cannwin, I love Isabelle and Gabrielle too! In fact, my oldest's middle name is Gabrielle and up until about a year ago my mom was still saying "Gabriel" so I know what your husband is worried about. Thanks for the good suggestions on girl names because we are seriously stuck on this one. Maybe we'll just call her "baby girl" for a little while until we can settle on something!

cannwin said...

I was thinking some more about this as I lay in bed not sleeping the other night.

Some of the other girl names I've really liked (but he doesn't) are:

Ebony and Ella... and I'm sure I had more, but it was the middle of the night ;)

What do you guys think of Ephraim?

Michaela Stephens said...

I don't have any kids, but I like to collect names anyway. How about Xavier?

Kiera said...

Oh it's so fun to read everyone's comments on baby names.. why is it so fun to talk about baby names? I don't know.. but it is! It is fun to see how different everyone can be when picking names! Dylan (my son) is the one and only name I was set on so when I have more it'll be fun to actually have to sit down and decide! I don't even know where I would start.. my top girl choices before finding out I Was having a boy were Kayzli, and Avalyn (2 grandma's names combined) but after time so much changes! My husband actually has no opinion what so ever.. so I pretty much have free range to pick whatever..although I'm sure he is more opinionated then he thinks haha! The only name he has ever put as a suggestion (besides jokes) was Link...i'm not so sure about that one but if it's the only one he really wants then what the heck! I do have a million names I love (more on the modern side for sure) but I have made this comment long enouigh without listing there are so many great options already commented:0 Good luck.. naming is the best!

cannwin said...

ooh, Ava... that was the third one I liked.

The Paynes said...

We use family names and fun names for each kid. For our only daughter, I put my grandpa and mother in law together and made "Raylee". So far, only found one other child with the same name. I like different names, but not so hard that you could never figure out how to spell it. I love the ideas, you know, in case #5 becomes a reality.

Staci Kramer said...

Hi everyone, I may be a little late to the party on the baby names debate but I have a great tool for anyone looking for a name. go to and it will tell you the ranking for all the names for the last couple hundred years. They keep track of the baby names based on applications for social security cards so its really accurate and you can look it up state by state or year by year. It will surprise you how popular some names really are (or aren't) Like Olivia is number one in Utah, but if you ask those moms, I bet they thought they were being really unusual. William is another that people don't realize is so trendy. Anyway, its interesting if nothing else. Look up your own name in the year you were born...see how original your parents were! Sometimes we play on this site for hours!