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Easter Eggs

One of my favorite activities every Easter is dying eggs. And since having kids I have loved doing it even more! I love how it brings the family together and I love the anticipation of what the final result of your egg will be. Every year we have the tradition that the last egg to be dipped takes a turn in every color...leaving us in the end with one ugly brown egg.

Click on the links below for some fun ideas to do with your children and your eggs...feel free to comment and tell us what you plan on doing!

  • Animals from Family Fun: Mouse, Pig, Sheep (I'm pretty sure I've fallen in love with these!)
  • Dying Techniques from Amazing Moms: Egg designs
  • Or if you are out of Paas packets you can always find a more natural way to dye them here.
Have fun this year dying eggs with the kids!

1 comment:

Cassi said...

How cute! I want to make the ones in the picture! :)
Thanks for the ideas, I never knew there were so many fun ways to decorate eggs!