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Favorite Blogs

Well Bridget must be a mind reader because her post was a perfect lead in to our "about us" question this month!!

We want to know from all of our readers and contributors: what are some of your favorite blogs to read??
(Besides your own personal blog, and this one of course!)


Leigh said...

I really like frugal blogs. Here are ones that I read regularly. I've found out about great sales from these. The last one is a free digital scrapbook paper blog...super cute stuff for free :)

The Happy Housewife:
Life as Mom:
Money Saving
Summertime Designs:

cbracken said...

Is this where I respond about winning the giveaway? I really like the blogs: and and

Janalee said...

Besides family and friends I love this blog:

K Willson said...

I love blog hopping ;) I really like craft blogs.

Keep them coming! It's my 'nap-time refuge!'

Cassi said...

Those are some fun ones listed so far!
I love craft blogs... easy crafts especially.
Make It and Love It is definitely my favorite (link on the sidebar).

I also like the Meanest Mom that Katie pointed out.

Another one that's sometimes fun is but sometimes there are religious questions on there and the comments get out of hand... so i avoid those.

I just found another cute blog design site:

This one has fun ideas for kids snacks:

This one has fun crafts ideas for kids:

I have way too many blogs that I look at occasionally, but that's a good variety.
I hope everyone keeps posting, we'll pick some of our favorites and add them to our sidebar!!

Chalece said...

What a great question! I'm excited to look at all of your favorite blogs.
I also LOVE finding do-it-yourself craft blogs. Since the beginning of the year I've been trying to make something new each month, and it has been fun finding things to make.

This blog posts several free patterns that she finds on different websites, I have found SO MANY cute things I want to make!
(from this website you will most likely find many many more websites that you love!)

I am a Scrapper. Through and through. But I'm all digital now, it's so fun! I love finding freebie packages, fonts, etc to be able to use. My favorite site for this is:

David and Shelly said...

My good friend from high school has a fun blog: A Spot of Sun

Jill said...

I am so not productive. I like humorous blogs.

I do like some recipe and craft blogs, too. Though, those were already mentioned. So, this is what I have to add to the list.

Shalee said...

Other than Mommy Diaries, my all-time favorite blog to read is Pioneer Woman. We LOVE her recipes in our home and I think she is hilarious to read.

I also love to read Particles of Faith...also linked on the sidebar. It's uplifting and faith-promoting and you can't help but feel good when you read it.

cannwin said...

is hilarious.

My other one that I read (when she posts) is my best friends from high school. She has a daughter with an extremely rare birth defect (like 400 in the world) and I think everyone in the universe should support her in what she is going through (when they found out that the baby would be so severely disabled the doctors, in Ogden, Utah, tried to bully her into having an abortion by telling her the baby wouldn't survive the delivery and it would be to traumatic for her if she did.

anyway her's is

Rachel said...

I just read a great blog today. Her wordless Wednesdays are funny, and her blog post on being a stay at home mom is AWESOME.