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Pin Cushion/ Button Jar

So, a while ago I posted a quick little link to an idea I had seen on another site. Here Well I finally got around to making one of my own. Which looks nowhere as cute as theirs, but took me about an hour. It was so easy and I'm completely excited to have somewhere to stick all my pins and needles (instead of carrying around the box they came in). Take a look. I used an old chicken bouillion jar so it's a bit bigger than a baby jar (hence the larger ribbon) and I'm into using up what I've got floating around, and I also don't have a fabric store in my town *sniffle*.

The picture was taken with my phone, so it's not the best photo in the world either... and if you're wondering, that's pomegranate juice in the background, if anyone wants to hop on over to my place and show me how to make jam out of it I'd be forever grateful.


Cassi said...

Super cute!!

cannwin said...

Why thank you... I'd say it's super easy and oh so very handy.