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My randomness about eggs!!!

So... I have been in the Easter mode now for a few days! Good thing cuz it is getting down to the wire! Anyway, I decided last spring that it would be fun to get some chickens!!! I thought a dozen eggs would be good so I got a dozen!!! Two have now passed on leaving us with 10 chickens!!! Well any of you who know anything about chickens know that they lay one egg a day!! So after careful calculation..... that means I am getting 10 eggs a day!!!!! What in the world was I thinking?! Maybe 5 chickens would have been better. So I have turned to everyone I know and started selling my eggs for a dollar a dozen! Fresh and brown! What a deal!!! My chickens are currently living at my moms and so she collects the eggs when I am not around to do it!!! Both our fridges are crazy full of ...... yeppers eggs! both our fridges have about 8 dozen at the present!!!! What in the world are we going to do?! If any of you are close to Idaho Falls or know someone who is, let me know so that we can get these eggs being used and not just wasted! And I am super excited to learn all these recipes so that we can have more creative egg meals!!! Happy Easter!!!!


Lesa said...

There is 8 dozen in my fridge and I haven't even gathered them yet for today. I still like the idea of Mykl selling eggs on the corner!
(Andrea's Mom)

Cassi said...

That's pretty funny. I wish I lived closer, I would take some eggs off your hands.

The Paynes said...

I loved having chickens and can't wait to get more. My solution to using up eggs:
1. Make quiche-uses lots of eggs
2. Make merengues, angel food cake, custard.
3. Have more children-my boys eat 3 apiece for breakfast!