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Sharing the Good News...

I'm not sure there is anything more exciting than telling someone you love that you are pregnant. I've heard some really creative ways of telling grandparents and other family members the good news. I was lucky that I discovered I was pregnant with my second on Father's Day one year so that made for an even better celebration. I know a lot of people put "Big brother/sister" shirts on their older children to spread the word. I also heard a cute idea once where the soon-to-be mom let out the news during a prayer..."We're thankful we can have a baby..."
How have you told people you love when you are pregnant? What cute ideas have you seen done?

P.S I'm not pregnant.


cannwin said...

I actually have a hard time announcing this to people I don't know why. I mean part of me thinks that it's like announcing to your family that last night my husband and I...

So I usually tell those necessary few, a couple of church gossips and voila it's all over before I've even thrown up once. If someone doesn't pick up on it through the grape vine I figure they'll pick up on it when my belly gets huge or I start carrying a newborn around. lol.

This last time though, we hadn't told anyone and my neighbor had a baby. So on Thanksgiving day when everyone is coming over to have dinner and at least 7 adults are all cooing over the newborn girl my 7 year old pipes in, "my mom has a baby in her tummy."

The room went dead silent and everyone (including my husband, you'd think he hadn't known the way he reacted) looked up at me. I smiled and said, "surprise!"

The Paynes said...

My father in law looked at me and told everyone I was pregnant when we were expecting our first. I was not happy. In fact, he told his wife and she called my mom and told her. Imagine her surprise. Word of warning: Do not spoil someone else's news! It's so unfair. After that I just kinda shrugged and said, "yeah, it's true." Major letdown. For #4, I waited really long since my sister was pregnant with her first after lots of fertility problems, so I just didn't tell anyone. My parents found out when I was 15 weeks, because my belly was hanging out! That was fun! It's really funny to watch people want to ask you but be afraid you're just fat!

The Mortensens said...

I love the prayer idea, that is really sweet. One year my brother and sis in-law had just had their first ultrasound (at like 12 weeks) and they printed a couple pictures off and gave them in a little gift bag to my parents, on Christmas eve. It was cute, and obviously timing was great because it was a holiday.

With my sister's first, she came to visit and when she got there she said she had brought some candy and asked my mom for a bowl to put it in. All the candy she had brought had something to do with babies: runts, tart'n tinys, baby ruths, etc. She let us mull around, munch on treats and finally later that night (after almost all day, which I'm sure was HARD not to just spill the beans) I was digging through the candy and it suddenly hit me and I said "Krista!" and that was it, my mom turned around and she could totally tell by the look on her face that she was pregnant and announcing it. It was really cute.

What I've always wanted to do, since we live far from family, I always want to be like 5-6 months along, showing, and fly home to see family wearing a shirt that says "Baby on board" without anyone knowing I was even expecting. It hasn't worked out yet, but I'm still hoping! :)

Anna said...

So I didn't do this but I have a heard of someone, who was taking a picture of her family, parents, siblings, grandparents, nieces, nephews, etc. and said "Okay everyone say 'Emily's having a baby'". needless to say I'm sure it was a classic picture. I also have a sister in law that waited to tell those of us far away that she was pregnant until the month before she was due, including her mother... I don't recommend that one.

Kiera said...

It's fun hearing different ways people have done this, one of my favorite things about being pregnant was the look on peoples faces when you do tell them! It's sheer excitement!
I didn't do anything too exciting, I kind of like just announcing it! I mostly just wanna make sure I am there to see their faces haha! When I first found out I took the test while my husband was at work so when he got home I had set up a teddy bear I have had since I was 1 with the test and a note saying "congratulations Steve you're going to be a DAD" waiting for him when he walked in the front door.
We went to dinner after the church priesthood session with his whole family that weekend so we couldn't really pass up the chance to tell them all at we were gonna try to tell them there. Everyone was talking about teeth or something and his dad said "ok let's change the subject I don't like talking about teeth" and Steve just spoke up really loudly and said "well if you wanna change the subject we can talk about Kiera being pregnant" then everyone screamed!
With my family I waited till everyone was together and had Cassi's little kids call and ask to be put on speaker phone ( I think this was Cassi's idea.. I told her first) and Parker said he wanted to play a game with everyone..
so he was on speaker and asked a bunch of questions to my family, i.e. what's green and leaps..(frog) what is round and bouncy..(ball) etc, then he said "what is happy and pink and comes around Christmas" (something to that affect)..they kept guessing Santa until little Mayli got on and said KIKI'S BABY!..
anyways it was all a blast.. I hope those little stories made sense! sorry that was super long! So fun to remember though!

Michelle said...

I sent my family (who lives on the east coast) t-shirts with Aunt Sarah, Uncle Matthew, etc. and baby toys wrapped up inside. It was awesome.