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I know I should volunteer for a "tricks of the trade" post, but I can't ever think of anything when I'm near the computer. Then, randomly, I have these thoughts and I think I should post them and before I get to it, I forget what it was! Anyways, I did want to ask all you wonderfully creative moms out there what are some things you are doing or do for Easter. Besides all the comercial things like Easter baskets. I'd like to start talking to my 2 year old about Easter and how special it is, but I'm not sure how to go about it.

On to the commercial side, is there any fun events that you gals do as a family to celebrate easter? Anyone here in the Twin Cities, is there a fun egg hunt or anything "Eastery" that you've heard of?

Thanks everyone, can't wait to hear all your wonderful suggestions!!


Annie said...

We go to the White House Easter Egg Roll every year, which has been a fun tradition. A good idea a friend of mine does to get away from the commercial stuff is to fill the Easter baskets full of new church items for sacrament meeting play. So she feels like she did something special for them but it is Christ-centered.

Steeves Family said...

New Brighton has a wonderful Easter Egg Hunt on the Saturday before Easter every year. The divide the areas of the parks by ages, which is GREAT. Go early, parking is limited and there is always a good turn out. The Hunt lasts about 1 minute, but the kids all have fun.

Cassi said...

We also try to make our Easter baskets have a spiritual gift. We do the candy and other treats but there is always one thing that is a reminder of Christ... a book, cd, picture, etc.
We also do the egg hunts and a nice dinner. And of course new Easter Sunday clothes... but that's just the kids for now until we have more money! :)