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You can call me...

I just have a simple question this week. What do you like kids to call you? Growing up I always referred to my friends' parents as Brother and Sister So and So, or Mr and Mrs (I even remember always making sure to use Aunt and Uncle before my parents' siblings names). And it was disrespectful to use first names. But now that seems so formal and so long in a casual playgroup setting! I've tried to teach my 4 year old to use Brother and Sister at least for his Primary teachers. But I'm never sure which mothers would find it rude for my kids to use their first names so we've resorted to "Child's Mom" when we are playing.
I think it's cute when I hear little kids call me Cassi... and it's sounds way easier than Sis. Willoughby or Parker's Mommy. So what do you all think? What is the norm now? What do you think is appropriate?


The Paynes said...

Good question. As I got older, my sister and I stopped saying "Aunt or Uncle", which is weird cause on my husband's side I still say them to his relatives. Even the ones I see all the time. My kids are the oldest grandkids and sometimes forget the "aunt/uncle" part. I hope it's not disrespectful, but I think I am going to try to get them to say it habitually. As for friends, I don't know. At the boys' school, the teacher insists on everyone calling me Mrs. Payne, or Tanner & Taylor's mama. I like either of those. I guess if you don't mind them using your first name, and their parents don't correct them, it's ok. I'm getting used to Sister Payne from primary. At first it freaked me out a bit cause I was 19!

David and Shelly said...

I think it depends on the situation and how well you or your family knows the other kids. I think in like a play date situation where you see them regularly, first name is fine. But at church, Sis. ______ is appropriate. If the kids happen to be in both groups then that's what is tough. I still use Aunt/Uncle for my family but on my husband's side it is first name only. I will teach my children, though, to use Aunt/Uncle and any other title that is appropriate.

Anna said...

I prefer to be Anna. Its less formal. When I was the nursery leader in our old ward I had the kids call me Anna, I noticed I paid attention to them quicker when they called me by my first name as opposed to Sister O.... However since I'm known as "mom" to my kids they will use Sister or Mrs. to other adults out of respect, some people prefer to be Sister or Mrs. as opposed to their first name especially when speaking with a child.