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Moving On

Recently our family has been busy relocating and I was surprised how hard this has been on our 3 year old. I knew it wouldn't be easy, but she had a pretty difficult time for a few weeks. Bedtime and eating have been more frustrating and she absolutely refuses to talk to anyone she doesn't know anymore. Since we're only going to be here until the end of the summer, I am dreading the next move and having everything change on her all over again. I know that everyone takes time to adjust, but there has to be some ways to make moving easier on the little ones. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Cassi said...

I keep starting a response to this question and then I get distracted and the page gets closed. So I'm trying again! :)
This is a hard question. I haven't been through it yet but we will soon when we leave here next year.
I remember moving a lot when I was little and it was always an adventure. We were always really excited to move. My parents really talked up our new place and we got to help with deciding how to decorate our new rooms and stuff.
I'm sure it will get better with time, but I guess my only suggestion is to talk a lot about it and make it sound like a fun thing. Hopefully it will be better the second time, especially cause then it will feel more permanent then it probably does now! Good luck!