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Hi everyone! I was invited to join this blog by Shalee. Shalee and I were companions on our missions. She was actually the companion I had the longest, we were together for
seven months, which is pretty rare. For those of you who know her, as you can imagine it
was a blast. We had a lot of fun, and I learned a lot from her.
Well, I have been blog stalking this blog for a couple months now! I have tried some of the recipes and loved them (I am a big recipe buff), read all the advice, and voted in just about every poll. I am excited to get to participate on this fun blog!
As by way of introduction my name is Rachael Bishop, and we live in Tucson Arizona. I have been married four years in May, and my husband Todd is an Electrical Engineer for a government defense contract company here in Tucson. We have lived here two years and we love it. It is hot during the summer, but the rest of the year it is wonderful to be here. Short sleeves all year round! We have two boys, Thatcher who is 3 and Taggart who is 18 months. They rull the roost, and keep me busy and happy. When I am not cleaning up toys, playing with my kids, or wiping peanut butter from goopy hands, I like to do crafts, blog, and cook. Cooking really is a hobby for me. I first started to really love to cook after I had Thatcher and would nurse him watching the Food Network. Paula, Giada, and Sandra Lee became my best friends. I love trying new recipes, and as of lately, trying and experimenting with healthy low fat/low calorie recipes. I also do like TV shows other then Diego and Dora, like American Idol, The Office, Lost, and pretty much anything on the the Travel Channel, The Food Network and HGTV, which I look forward to watching when the kids go to bed at night. I love being a wife and mother and I try to be a good homemaker. I am excited to be here and get to know you all better!


Cassi said...

Welcome!!! Glad to have you here! I am originally from AZ and loved it! Can't wait to try out some of your recipes!! :)

Shalee said...

Hip Hip...Hooray!

Bridget said...

I'm Jane's friend from high school, so I think I met you in the BYU dorm days. You have an adorable famiy and welcome to the blog!

David and Shelly Myers said...

Welcome Rachel! Where did you get the name Taggart for you son? I ask because that is my mother's maiden name and my brother's name as well. You have a very cute family!

The Bishops said...

I got the name Taggart from 2 sources: 1) I grew up in Boston by the Romney family and Tagg (Taggart Romney) was was really cool guy and I thought, "wow, that is a cool name, Tagg" 2) In my neighborhood at my parents house there is a street called Taggart Court and I used to run down it and always thought it would be a good name for a boy. As you can tell I like last names for first names for boys...any suggestions are welcome. I am liking Channel and Campbell for the next one, but I don't think my husband will give in to those! :)