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Cabin Fever?

With many of us dreading the impending arrival of the long winter, I thought we could talk about our favorite indoor activities for kids. Since there are only so many times you can pull out the coloring, what do you like to do with your kids to keep them from being bored when they have stay inside?


Cassi said...

Good question!
I'm sure my answers are ones everyone already knows. We are in desperate need of more options too.
But my kids like the library, the mall playplace, and the children's museum (if I'm daring enough with all 3). We definitely love playgroups so we'll have to plan lots of those.
At home I try to have some sort of activity or craft for them to do but I usually just end up doing Mayli's part myelf. Parker is easy enough to entertain with sit down activities, but Mayli is hard at her age.
I'm not excited for winter!

Cassi said...

I thought of something else fun that we did once and i'm sure the kids would love to do again. I had the kids go around and collect "treasure" an we put it in a shoe box that we decorated like a treasure box. We even cut out a bunch of gold coins out of yellow paper too. Then we hid the box and made a treasure map. When Brian got home we made him go on a treasure hunt. We even made him dress up like a pirate! The kids loved it.