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We have a WHAT in the house?

Okay, I'm admittedly a little hysterical about this, but there is a definitely possibility that we have a mouse in our house! AHHHH! For some reason I can handle any kind of bug, spider, even snakes (to touch, not in the house), but mice seem so gross to me! I went into our storage room in our basement yesterday and almost a whole large bag of kissables was eaten, half a bag of chocolate chips, and a bag of tortilla chips was ripped open on top. Yes, we have healthy food in our storage room too, but evidently this critter likes the junk. Does anyone have expertise in this area? I've never had an infestation problem since we've been married and am hoping that it's not actually a mouse. Could it be something else? Justin is going to set traps over Thanksgiving, but now I just don't want to go get anything out of our storage room - yuck!


Cassi said...

Ahhh yikes! Are you sure it's a mouse? That sounds like a lot for one little mouse to eat at one time. Have you found any droppings?
We had mice in our house once and we used Decon and it seemed to work. The problem was that if they died in their hiding place then they started to smell really bad until we could finally find them.
Good luck Bridget!!

Christine Archibald said...

Yuck! what a pain! I think the key is looking for the droppings then you know what you are looking for. I haven't personally had mice in my house but we did wage an all out war on some squirrels who wanted to live in our attic walls in MN. Talk about a pain to get rid of!
My advice is to get some of those big clear plastic tubs and put as much of your food in those, then you can see what's inside and you won't have to open things that are not in mouse proof packaging. Once you eliminate the food the mouse or, heaven forbid, mice will look elsewhere. good luck.

Mike, Anna, Mikelle and Kaylee said...

What I don't recommend is the sticky pads. We had mice a few years ago and Mike would use those pads but its doesn't kill them they would just get stuck to it and squirm around aahhh yuck!!!!!!!! The nice thing about the poison is that they are suppose to go outside looking for water and die out there. Wether or not they make it that far, I don't know!!!

Bridget said...

You guys are great - hopefully my husband can implement some of these ideas, because I'm still freaked out! We haven't found any droppings, that's kind of what's worrying me (could it be something bigger? Am I going to discover a mouse colony somewhere?). But, hopefully we'll just end it quickly!

Cassi said...

That's good that you don't have droppings... it can't be too many mice if there aren't any droppings! Though maybe a different animal?
Are you sure Rachel doesn't sneak down there at night and snack on goodies... or maybe Justin? :) haha

Shalee said...

OK, fine, I admit it. I got hungry one time during playgroup so I snuck into your storage room to see what I could find. Sorry!