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Girls Night

Hey girls! I'm just wondering if you would like to have a girls night (or day, or whatever)?? (If you out-of-staters would like to fly in, the more the merrier!) I have a bunch of karaoke revolution games for the playstation 2, and I think it would be fun to get together. We could do it at my apartment sometime this week, or after I get back from Wisconsin (sometime in the week before Christmas), or we could even do it in January. Don't worry, it doesn't require opera singers, just a bunch of girls that like to have fun! Let me know what you think!


Cassi said...

Yeah! That sounds really fun! I was just thinking it was about time for another girls night! Especially with our husbands being busy with the end of the semester. I could do it anytime, we leave for Christmas on the 19th.
Great idea!

Bridget said...

That sounds really fun and as usual, I have no schedule in the evenings! So, anytime would be really fun. But, just a warning, that I don't even come close to having an opera voice!

Mike, Anna, Mikelle and Kaylee said...

I would love a girls night!!!! You should all just come out here. :) That would make it a lot cheaper for me:) I do in fact have an opera voice..HA!!! Its too bad you can't bring your ps2 with you when you come in jan. I can't wait to see you guys!!!!! Are we still on for the 2nd?

Chalece said...

Great! I'm going to Wisconsin for what looks like a few days to help out Rob's family again, but when I get back I'll call everyone and we can set up a night!

Anna, of course we're still on!