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Chicken Shredding

Okay, here's the scoop. I had a couple people ask me about when I cook chicken in my crockpot so here's what I do:

I buy a HUGE bag of frozen chicken breasts at Costco, and I hate getting the big bag out of the freezer where it is tucked so nicely every time we have chicken. Plus, cooking frozen chicken is a long process and I'm all about simplicity.

Then, I put like 5 or 6 breasts in my crockpot and pour like 1/4 c. of water over it, just to moisten the tops. Then sprinkle them with salt, pepper, and a little dehydrated onion.

Cook it until it is done, it usually takes about 5-6 hours on low in my crockpot, but I know everyone's may be different. When it is done, it is so moist and juicy that most of the time, I have to scoop it out of my crockpot because it won't stay on a fork.... so, scoop it out and just shred away with a knive and a fork. My sister has a friend who swears the best way to shred chicken from the crockpot, like this, is to use your (electric) hand mixer - just stick it in the crockpot and turn it on and it does all the shredding for you. I've never tried this, so if you do, let us know how it works out.

Once it is all shredded, I just put it in small snack or sandwich size ziplocs and freeze it again. Then.... I use it for EVERYTHING and it is quick! My favorite things to use it for are: pizza topping, enchilada filling (just add it to the sauce), chicken stir fry, Cassi's chicken roll-ups, etc.... you get the picture. So, how was that for a LONG wordy post on the simplest thing ever?

PS - I also buy a huge thing of hamburger from Costco and cook all that before I freeze it- it honestly saves me a ton of time. Plus, all you have to do when you want to use it, is dump it into whatever you are doing, or season it for tacos or whatever. I LOVE it - it makes great quick meals


Christine Archibald said...

Thanks, that sounds pretty easy. Ian is such a picky eater, I haven't been able to get him to eat chicken but maybe this will help.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a detailed account of shredding chicken. I'm new to cooking and its rare to find descriptions for basic things like this!!

Just Another Blogger Mom said...

awesome idea w/ the freezing!! Never would have thought about that, but omg, that's going to save so much freezer space...and time! I HATE cooking hamburg meat! haha! Thanks for the tip!

Also, I'm following you now =) come check out my blog: