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Can you see me now??

Yay the background is fixed! It's a little different than the original but hopefully now everyone will be able to see it! Let me know if you can see it this time (and still like it)! I hope everyone can!
This girl has a lot of really cute backgrounds that are super easy to install (and they don't mess up your sidebar). And they should all be working right this week (some are sized a little wrong so she's been fixing them).


Mike, Anna, Mikelle and Kaylee said...

my mac can see it, and its really cute!

Chalece said...

Super cute!

Shalee said...

So funny but I can only see it on Jeremy's computer. Looks great!

The Mortensens said...

Looks great, I LOVE it!

CJ said...

what a fun blog, thanks for sharing i hit the next blog button and this showed up!