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Family Vacations

Summer is coming and so are the fun family vacations! This year we were invited to spend a week with my parents in a timeshare in Orlando, Florida in July. I know it is not the best time to go, super hot and humid, but free accommodations with a nice pool will make it easier to bear. So in July Ian will be 2 1/2 and I will be almost 5 months pregnant, making Orlando a little tricky. I first crossed off Magic Kingdom from our itinerary thinking that Ian would be too young and that I wouldn't be able to go on anything. I thought Sea World would be more enjoyable. But then I talked to a friend who said, "No, that is a perfect time for Disney, at 2 1/2 yrs they are free and are starting to enjoy stuff like that."

So I thought I would ask you girls. Have you been on a theme park vacation, Disney or others, with a toddler or pregnant? How did it go? Do you have any advise for me? Or have you gone to Orlando and have pros/ cons on going to Disney or the other parks?

What other fun vacations have you gone on with your toddlers or do you have any fun vacations planned for this summer? I'd love ideas for the future.


Cassi said...

I was in your exact same situation last year! I was 5 months pregnant with Jaden and we went to California to stay at a timeshare with my family. Mayli was about 18 months and Parker was 3 1/2. And Disney Land was the funnest thing we did! They have a whole Land just with kids rides and they are pretty tame so they let me on them too. Of course I didn't ride anythine except the kids rides which was a bummer but still really worth it. Mayli had A LOT of fun! I don't think Ian would be too young at all! The other fun thing we did was the beach, which you could do in FL too! ANd you should definitely visit Shalee while you're out there! ;)
I have been to Orlando and I would say that Magic Kingdom would be the best place you could go. At Universal Studios you wouldn't be able to ride on anything, Epcott is really cool but Ian might get tired and bored after too long, and Sea World would be fun but I'd put Magic Kingdom first. So there's my opinion!
We are going on an Alaskan Cruise with the kids this year... I hope it goes ok and that none of them get seasick!!!

The Mortensens said...

Good luck - sounds very fun though! I think you should try magic kingdom, Ian would probably love it. But as always kids are usually pretty content just having your attention, wherever you are, hotel pool, or magic kingdom. Oh, congrats, I didn't know you were pregnant!!!

Letti said...

I have never been to Disney World but we are regulars at Disneyland. We all have annual passes. I think that Disneyland is a great place to while pregnant. They have lots of rides and activities for the kids. When I was pregnant I was always the one who saved a spot for the parade. Take lots of water and hand towels (get them wet and hang them around your neck) You will have a blast. They also have a very cool nursery that you can go to change diapers and even sit in a rocking chair.

The Paynes said...

I was about 12 wks preggo and hiding it from everyone still while we went to Disneyland with the kids and my parents. It was fine. I actually still rode the rides cause no one but me and my hubby knew I was pregnant and I wasn't worried. I can't do the real crazy ones anyway cause I'm a wuss. But I think you can still do Mr Toad's wild ride and Small world, classic kid faves? If not, there's still plenty to see, shows and stuff. Your baby may not remember it later, but he'll have a great time. Just make sure to stay close to the park so to get naps and I never stayed late at night. We tended to go after breakfast till about 4, then back to make dinner, swim and relax. Too much makes them and us cranky. Best of luck on your trip!