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Here comes the truth

1. Truth, I was really good as kid at getting my point across to people, so I just thought debating in a court of law would be cool. I have since changed my mind.

2. False, as much as I wish I had stuck with it I never played basketball in high school.

3. Truth, in high school I volunteered at St Joe's hospital in St Paul. I used to get really light headed the first 24 hours of my period and happened to pass out once. The hospital paid for the ER visit and the stitches in my chin.

4. Truth, I never really competed with my car stereo but the guy I was dating and that installed it. Made sure that it was in case I wanted a company to sponsor me.

5. Truth, it all started when I brought a friend from high school to a church dance. It was August and very hot, so we went outside to cool off. While outside we were really excited and hyper, we saw dandelions and it just became a silly joke that we still have.

There you go, know you all know hings about me that you would not have otherwise!!!


Cassi said...

That's funny. Still, how did you smoke the dandelions? That couldn't have tasted good!

Rachel said...

We didn't smoke them, it was just a saying we had because we were so goofy!