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My easy dinner

After traveling or being gone all day or having to make a really fast meal usually means that I make 1 of 2 meals. Spaghetti, or tacos. I always have frozen, cooked hamburger in my freezer, so it is always easy for tacos. When I do tacos, I always add a can of diced tomatoes, plus taco seasoning and then we eat it with whatever toppings we have, tortillas, or tortilla chips, lettuce, cheese, and whatever else we may have sitting around. It's pretty low key, but it tastes good, and Will eats it too! Spaghetti is always a family favorite. And, I can add hamburger to that too, plus I always add a little brown sugar to my jarred sauce, it makes it taste yummy, and if I have green peppers I add those too. Garlic bread is a cinch and add a side of frozen or canned corn, and it is on the table in 30 minutes or less. Boring, yes, easy, yes, tasty, yes!

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Cassi said...

spaghetti is a fav here too! i'll have to try adding brown sugar to the sauce! yum!