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Let's put the truth on the table

Ok, to start I should jump to #5. I am NOT pregnant. In fact every day that I spend chasing my 14 month old around and trying to catch him when he's teetering on top of things (like the staircase or our coffee table) I add another year until I will increase our family.

1. I had a tumor connected to my femur on my right hip when I was 17...or at least that's when they finally "found" it. I was at the doctor for a routine lacrosse (we'll get to that later) physical when I added "By the way, I have this bump on the side of my leg." No cancer, thankfully, and I affectionately called it my fetus. It really was that big.

2. David Letterman made fun of me. I went to see him and got ushered up to the front row. During his stand up routine the camera shot to me and I was excited (and 18) so I started cheering and flung my arms into the air. He said "WOW...look at you you're on tv" and then the camera shot back to me and he said "chew that gum, make mom proud." Some of it was edited out for the showing but that is the truth.

3. I am not crazy enough to make my own wedding cake. In fact, my sis-in-law Annie who commented went cake tasting with my parents for me since I was at BYU. I cannot bake. I am almost breaking into hives because I am making a cake for my husband's birthday on Monday...I'm not sure hives would be the appropriate reaction but you get the point. Whoever chose this one, WON!

4. In college I got a coaching certificate and I co-started the Orem High School Lacrosse team...I have to say this was one of my biggest thrills in life. I have this great dream of coaching high school lacrosse again when my kids are in high school...that way I can keep tabs on them. We had a day long workshop with all of the Utah girl lacrosse players and they brought in the National team to help coach. At the end of the day we scrimmaged and it was a huge highlight to play with them.

6. A guy asked me out right around the time I met Jeremy and he took me flying in this little tiny 4 seater plane. He handed over the controls for awhile while we were up there. I had a blast until he started doing drops and twists. I was a little worried when I saw the stress on his face when we were beginning our descent too. It was a very unique and fun first date...but nothing compared to Jeremy.

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Cassi said...

Yay! I got one right!!
So... what did you end up getting Jeremy for his birthday??

David and Shelly said...

Great stories, Shalee! Although, I'm kind of disappointed that you aren't pregnant. You had me going there!

Christine Archibald said...

I didn't know you weren't a cook or baker rather. I was pretty sure you didn't make your own wedding cake since that is just a crazy thought. As if a bride has the time for that! Very interesting stories! I didn't know you were a lacrosse player either. I have never lived where Lacrosse was a big sport until now. I think we need to figure out how to play.
Good luck on your husbands graduation and the big move!