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Liar Liar

Which one is my lie?

1. Willie Nelson sweat on me.
2. I attended an anti-nuclear protest surrounded by hippies.
3. I spent a summer wearing knickerbockers.
4. I've had my life threatened by a federal felon.
5. A member of my family has injured themselves participating in terrorist activities.


Letti said...

I think that it's #2. I couldn't imagine you doing that.

Cassi said...

Woah! How come I've never heard any of these stories before? These are crazy options!!!
Ok well I'm torn between 2 and 4, but I'm going to go with 4. Can't wait to have these explained!

Calise said...

Wow, what a choice! I'd have to say #5, but if they have- I bet it is a great story!

Shalee said...

I think they are all true!! I'm going with #3. By the way, everything was "rachel" today. "But rachel goes down the stairs by herself...but rachel wrote me a letter on ariel paper...etc. etc. etc." We miss you guys!

Anna said...

I'll say #2.

Jill said...

Wow, Bridget! I am astonished that four of these things have actually happened to you. I say that number 3 is the lie...for no good reason at all.

Christine Archibald said...

This is tough. I will have to guess that #4 is the lie. I will be anxious to hear the stories behind these! Hope you are doing well!

David and Shelly said...

I have a hard time deciding before I read everyone's comments. The thing that gets me is that they are ALL so far fetched and yet strangely specific. I say....#2 is not true.

Chalece said...

Wow, I cannot wait to hear the stories behind these. I am going to say #2.