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The Truth Comes Out

Alright, the moment you've been waiting for...

1. Ok, I just like to brag about this. It happened while Rob was on his mission and I was determined to have lots of fun. So, at one point I did go on 9 dates in 8 days with 9 different guys. How cool! I still get some grief about this from Rob, but the way I see it, it was better to have fun with lots, instead of get serious with one.

2. For those of you who chose this as my lie, you are correct. I did not accidentally light my friend's cabin on fire. It was my brother. There were about 50 people at my friend's cabin and my smartie pants of a brother was trying to keep the fire going by filling the little cap on a can of gasoline, with gasoline, and putting it on the fire. Well, it eventually "fired back" at him (I'm so funny). Anyway, the rug next to the fireplace caught on fire, and people started yelling. I was outside when the yelling started, so I ran inside, only to be thrown a towel and told to help get the fire out. While we were all frantically trying not to let the cabin burn down, no one noticed that my brother wasn't there. After it was out, someone asked where he was so we started searching. Someone found him outside on the ground, passed out. He had burned his hand pretty bad trying to get the can of gasoline out and away from the fire. So another kid rushed him to the hospital. Moral of the story...eagle scouts don't always know what they're doing.

3. Ok, so I thought more of you would guess this one. I tried to throw you off a little. I will just tell the story. My dad didn't want me to go to BYU because he thought I would just be whisked off immediately into marriage. So Freshman year of college, there was a girl in my ward who met a guy in September, was engaged the next month, and married by December. (if this happened to you, that's not a bad thing!) Anyway, my roommate thought it would be funny to pull a prank on our parents. So in October we started telling our parents that we met someone. And throughout the next month and a half, every date we went on, we would tell our parents that it was with this guy (who we made up). It was getting pretty serious, so we decided we had to take "him" home to meet the parents. My friend asked one of her friends to be her boyfriend, and funny enough, the friend I asked was Rob. (we weren't dating, we were just friends!!)
We took them home. My friend's (Amy) family were so nice, and my family was, well, so rude. Quite the contrast. My parents hardly talked to them, and my mom asked when we had to go. Anyway, it didn't go well. Well, Amy and I took it one step further and a couple days later went back home with fake engagement rings from Wal-mart. We got it on video. Her familiy was again so nice, and happy for her. My family...oh dear. Well, my dad was furious. My mom started crying, my youngest sisters were thrilled because they really liked "Jason." After a while of my mom crying, and some awkward silence, I went to give my mom a hug. I said, "but mom, don't you want to know the best part of all of this?" And she said, "What? ........ Are you lying to me?" When I said yes, she threw me on the ground and started hitting me! My dad just stood there, trying to take in what had just happened. My youngest sisters were very sad, indeed. And my sister that was recording was just laughing. My mom tried to say she knew the whole time... ha, ok mom.
The next time Rob came up to my house was a few weeks later. As soon as my mom saw him she ran up and gave him a hug and said, "I'm so glad you're not going to be part of this family!" Nice one mom. We sure showed you!

4. I cannot whistle for the life of me. When my youngest sister was 5, she learned how to whistle, and since she was just so cool, she put it upon herself to make fun of me whenever other people were around. So rather than whistling while I work, I prefer to hum.

5. And finally, the chefs. I must tell you right now that I have had a pretty boring life, so I dolled this one up a bit. Coming out of a haunted house, my friend and I were on dates and we were walking to our car. Across the street was a restaurant and there were 4-5 cooks standing outside with their aprons on. They were just staring at us, which we were suspicious of, especially after just being in a haunted house. Anyway, almost to our car, we notice that the chefs were following us, so we speed up a little. Julie tried to get her keys in the lock, but dropped them (classic movie scene). We finally got inside, but our dates would not come, they thought something was funny... So we just left them. We waited on another street for about 5 minutes, and thinking they'd be gone, we went back to get our dates. We stopped the car, they got in, and these crazy (or in this case we'll say angry) guys jump on her car! They were hitting the windows, and we saw that they were not cooks from the restaurant, unless it's normal to have blood stains and crazy makeup on in a restaurant. they were butchers from the haunted house! After screaming for a good couple minutes, Julie just decided to drive. One guy would not get off our car, so she swerved a little, and he jumped off. Great, now I have crazy cooks to add to my list of things I'm most afraid of.

Hope you enjoyed that! I tag...Rachel


Cassi said...

Great stories! You are funny Chalece! :)

Anna said...

You are clever!! I enjoyed reading them!!!