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Fessing up

1. I lived in a 500 year old converted shepherd's cottage for a summer. It didn't have any real plumbing. But it DID have this great Swedish toilet. Sparing you all the details you don't really want, it was like a latrine but in your house. Tony did all of the "dirty" work.

2. Though we were close to the Mediterranean and saw our share of nude bathers, I never participated. This was my lie.

3. My sister moved into the same ward as the Madsens (as in the parents of Mark Madsen of the Minnesota Timberwolves). While he was in Sacramento for the playoffs we went on a date. It was this very posh restaurant that I am sure is very difficult to get into (TGI Fridays). All I can say is that he can eat A LOT.

4. I did audition for American Idol. Obviously, I wasn't chosen. In fact, I didn't even make it to the fearsome three. They have a whole round before the ones that sing to Simon, Randy and Paula. There were about 5,000 others when I tried out. I think they sent 20 or so in to sing for the judges. They pick the best...and the worst. I guess I should be happy I wasn't one of the worst!

5. When I was a toddler my parents always knew where to find me when I went missing. I don't know why they weren't disturbed enough about the fact that I was eating cat food to put it in a more secure place. The up side is that now I always land on my feet.

I had fun seeing what you all thought of these. Now it is Bridget's turn!


Cassi said...

Those were fun to read! I would have voted for you on American Idol!! :)

The Mortensens said...

Thanks Jill! I loved hearing about all your life's adventures!

David and Shelly said...

Great stories, Jill. Good to get to know you a little bit. Love the cat food bit!