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The Lie Revealed

So girls not one of you guessed my lie! I guess the chocolate one threw you off, that surprised me for some reason. Now before you get upset that there is a girl out there who doesn't like chocolate, let me explain...

1. True, I really don't like chocolate. Yes, I am one of those strange girls. My mom noticed it when I was young when every year after Easter, my chocolate easter bunny was left untouched for months. I thought the bunnies were way too cute to eat! Sometimes I would nibble on an ear but it wasn't tempting enough to eat. The jelly beans never lasted more then a day in my basket though. Even today I look for the chocolate chip cookie with the least amount of chips. I have a Sam's Club bag of those mini peanut butter cups left over from Halloween that I forget we even have! Kent has started taking them to the YM to get rid of them. I have a candy jar full of Lindt chocolate that I never touch, so if anyone wants to come visit me, they are all yours! I do eat chocolate if it is a minor ingredient, but nothing too rich. I DO love pies, baked goods, fruity things, and the occasional brownie. Yes, I am weird.

2. True, Kent and I were harassed on a train going from Austria to Germany by German border patrol. We had bought tickets for the local train and got on the express, a ticket price difference of over 22 Euros (a lot more money with the exchange rate!). We kinda knew what we did and played dumb American tourists (even though Kent is fluent in German!) as they eyed us and our bags. They were really cold, terrifying guys but in the end they let us pay them the difference in the price and they left us alone. I guess you can't get away with things like that, nice lesson in honesty! That was such a great trip, if you have a chance to go to Munich and southern Germany ever in your life, GO!

3. False. I wasn't asked out by any band member of Ocean Blue. They did play at BYU my freshman year and I went with some friends. We all had huge crushes on the lead singer (who was married). After the show we decided to stalk them down at their hotel, real cool I know. Since there was only one good hotel in Provo it was easy to figure out where they would be. We bought a few frosties as gifts from Wendy's and sat in the lobby until they got there. They were really nice and talked to us for awhile and one of the guys exchanged email addresses with one of my friends. But no dates for me.

4. True, I was a finalist in the Miss Northern California Teenager pageant when I was 16. I didn't make it past the 10 finalists though. It was a fun experience, but I am not a pageant kind of girl!

5. True! This one fooled some of you. I have met someone from every spanish speaking country there is! When you look it up there really aren't as many countries as you might think. Serving a mission in New York City (the melting pot of the world) Spanish speaking was a great and cultural experience. I taught people from all over the world. They really loved talking about their countries, sharing their food, and telling us what was different about their people then other hispanics. It was a little hard to keep up with the lingo for each country so I stuck with the basics. We got really good at figuring out what country people were from by what they looked like and/or their accents. We even had one Elder from Bolivia and two Elder's (brothers actually) from Uruguay. The mission had missionaries speaking English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese speaking Elders), ASL, and Russian (some of them were from Russia directly). So I met people from all over and can honestly say that I have met someone from every Spanish speaking country.

There you go! Hopefully you learned something interesting about me. I am really enjoying reading all of your posts! I feel like I haven't been too involved in the blog lately. It is mostly because I have come down with a terrible case of Morning Sickness! It is going around I hear. Luckily I am starting to feel a little better. So expect some exciting news from the Archibald's around Dec 2nd!

So I tag...Molly!


molly and geoff archibald said...

she's definitely telling the truth about the chocolate, you guys--when we lived in the duplex together i would go upstairs to "visit" because i knew they'd have chocolate. :)

Cassi said...

Congrats to Christine and Molly! That's so exciting! And how fun for all your kids to have cousins so close in age!!

David and Shelly said...

Wait, Molly's pregnant too!! Wow! Great stories Christine.

Anna said...

Wow, so you, Molly and Sarah!!! Oh that will be fun!!!