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Liar Liar Pants on Fire

1. "I have an upside down tooth"--TRUE--In fact its an extra, upside down tooth, under my gums. I have all my teeth plus this one. My oral surgeon never wanted to take it out until it made a cyst around itself out of fear of paralyzing half my face. Its under my bottom, front teeth. Weird huh.

2. "I have had 2 kidney stones."--TRUE-- When Mikelle (2) was 6 months old I had the worst pain in my kidney after my brother Rob (my husband was out of town) took me to the ER they found 2 kidney stones, 1 of them was trying to work its way out. After a week in and out of the ER they finally admitted me and surgically removed one of them. So I still have one left, I curse the day it decides to come out.

3. "I flew on a plane with Jerry Springer."--TRUE-- I had just graduated high school and on my way to the East Coast to visit my sister and lo and behold Jerry Springer was on my flight, of course he flew first class. We were all joking that he was probably dieing for a cat fight to break out in coach. I wanted to start screaming at my sister for sleeping with my boyfriend, haha.

4." I was hit on the head by a traffic arm."--TRUE-- I was a freshmen in college and my roommate and I were walking into campus returning books for cash, and all of the sudden she yells "watch out" at the same time I was being hit on the head/shoulder with the traffic arm. There was a nice line of cars lined up waiting there turn to exit the parking lot, it was really embarrassing.

5. "I have never gambled."--LIE-- I have gambled, though I don't do it often, I find it kind of fun. However, my husband and I just spent a few days in Vegas together and I begged and begged him to gamble just a few dollars with me, we lost $23 in less that 3 minutes. Never even making $1. We quit after that, and it didn't seem as fun anymore.

I tag Chalece!!!!! :)


Cassi said...

Yay I got another one right! So... if they surgically removed one kidney stone why couldn't they just grab the other one while they were there??

Anna said...

The one they grabbed was on its way out but too big to pass on its own, the other one is still attached to my kidney, I hope it stays there indefinitely. The pain associated with those is worse than Labor.